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Turn aound

Just said good bye to another good friend again.

It should be sad, be uncomfortable to say good bye.

We may not meet each other again in the next few years.

The moment that I turned around, I got a feeling of empty, just like someone sliced a piece of meat from my own body.

But, it is it.

We have our own path. It is not realistic to stay in the same state.


I am not an emotional creature.

I seldom tear.

I sometimes do think people should be selfish.

Yes, that’s why we are individual. That’s the rule of life.


Turn around, and move on.

Grey ice

Did not behave well last night.

Yes, the atmosphere was freezing, as freezing as the ice melting on the skin.

I was rude at that time.


I always think my EQ is high and I am a master in controlling emotions.

But the fact is, sometimes, we are still a child.

Wanna be spoiled, wanna win everyone’s favours.

We cannot control all, apart from ourselves.


We went to this Castlerigg Stone Circle, but the weather was as horrible as usual.

Yes, whether you like it or not, you should accept what it presents in front of you.

Just face it, admit it, accept it, and fancy it.


Change myself, improve myself, again and again.

Frozen moment

This is not the greatest sunset I have ever seen, but it is the most wonderful frozen moment.

When there is a lake, there is that one, there is the silence, everything could be so amazing.

This frozen moment, happened in the Lake District, UK, to me.

…… and I look forward to more moments like this, just a little piece of enjoyment.

Edinburgh with blue sky


Nothing is more wonderful than the rare blue sky and incredible scene in Edinburgh.

I am NOT in Athens! 

No longer a schoolboy

Course is finished, dissertation is submitted, room is moved.

When all the commercial ads are mostly about the promotion aims at student, I just realise that this September is no longer a month for school to me.

A feeling of empty is arose.


I have a blog recording my high school life, and another blog recording my university life.

This blog is no longer about my life as a schoolboy.

So… Am I growing up? Am I ready for this total independence?

I don’t know.


But what I really know is, this is my time.